WTS: 13m Nightmare pilot

(KanineAwe) #1

Positive wallet and sec status. No kill rights. No jump clones. 1m concord LP. Located in Highsec.


(Brock Khans) #2


(Tekkaman) #3

9.0bill offer valid till cluster reboot

(Baskerville Conan) #4

9.25B ISK ready

(John Ludus) #5


(Baskerville Conan) #6

9.5b Isk ready

(Mema McDank) #7

10 bil

(Mema McDank) #8

Also eveboard does not work anymore due to API deprecation, this character needs to be reuploaded on https://eveskillboard.com/

(Beekillrz) #9

10.5bil assuming the eveskillboard link is given

(MagicSAT) #10

10.6b offer ready

(system) #11

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