WTS 14.5 MILL SP Caldari - Gila Abysall Runner

Wallet: 0 isk
Kill rights: None
Remap available + 3 bonus remaps
Location: Jita 4-4 in npc station
Security Status: Positive
Jita jump clone Full set of +4 implants
1 Full set of High-Grade Crystal including Omega

in NPC corp

Character Sheet



Implants alone were over 1b.

Looking for quite a bit more thanks for you interest.

8 bil

9 bill please

16 Bill BO

Looking for a bit more than 9 Billion. I’ll let this run until Thursday Downtime.

Yeah can understand. But almost no V in shield, caldari cruiser or gallente…

It’s max 8 for me either. Sorry

THread closed no sale

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