WTS 148m SP PVP Pilot subcup and CAP +Rorqual


  • Currently NPC Corp.
  • Positive Wallet balance.
  • No Kill rights.
  • Character location JITA 4-4.
  • Positive sec status,
  • Transfer isk to this char

Capitals: Phoenix | Naglfar | Chimera | Archon
FAX: Apostle | Minokawa
Transport : Obelisk | Providence | Anshar | Ark
Supers: Wyvern | Aeon

Perfect jump skills
Almost all the subcaps are in 5
Сan perform all commercial activities in null sectors, such as production, planetary, mission running, mining including Rorqual, farm of combat plexes and much more

Start bid : 95 bil
B/O : 140 BIL

95 bil

thx for bid :slight_smile:

dayly bump

dayly bump

dayly bump

dayly bump

96 today

97b to me

thx for bid


it’s a real price! Bid accepted. Waiting ISK and Account name on this character

I’m already playing, waiting for you to go online

ISK and account name recieved… i will strat trnasfer now

Sorry for delay! I have no time on work
transfer strarted

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