WTS 150m sp main

All ccp rules apply,
located in npc station
good clone sets, few of them
great character for main
i pay transfer

check skills: 098765s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App
implants: https://i.imgur.com/U7jYvPL.png
make a good offer and you got a new main.

more implants


100 bil
upd: bid cancelled.

The Character you are selling here is not in an Npc Cororaton.
According to the rules you can see in this Thread Welcome to the Character Bazaar - #6 the Character MUST be in an Npc corp while you are Selling him.

I will close this Thread for now, and will take a look again, if the Character has left his current Corporation, and if so i will repoen it - otherwise it will stay closed.