WTS 151 KK SP Full V Black Ops/Marauders V

4.83 sec status
pos walelt
all rules etc
in npc corp

Start 110 Bil
B/O 140 Bil

110B offer

115B offer

what can you say about 120 bil? if you are ready to give such a bet, I will accept it.

No im at my max offer, I want a dread character in addition to subcap. So I’m already staring down a few months train with this character.

Since you already have the jump skills is the only reason I bid.

ok send 115 bil
I accept your bet.

Just woke up gimme like 1 hour to offload some plex in Jita

I can make a bid 125Bil

Isk and account information sent

still relevant?

Send me my isk back if your walking from our deal. And good luck with your sale.

I returned the isk to you

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send isk and info pls


My offer stands, and as you know I have the isk right now. Hes a 28 day old character, with only 1 other post. I doubt its legit. No idea why people do that, but… 'tis Eve.

I’ll wait one hour, if he doesn’t show up, I’ll make a deal with you

wtf are you buying or not?

ok bro sorry
resend isk

You replied to yourself are you accepting my 115B offer? I have no idea wtf that guy is doing.

accept 115B offer