WTS 158 m SP perfect subcap/capital pvp toon

Selling myself

pass: 321

Not looking for extraction value.

sirogojno 92 B

ty for the bump

91b offer

95 billions,and what is your desired price?

ty for the bump
i’d like to get about 105+

Okay, my friend.I am ready to pay 105, but only today.Because the auction for another lot ends tomorrow,and since I am the only one who wants to buy there, I will buy it.Yes, there are a little less skill points, but the price is also cheaper.The choice is yours.

okay, deal.
Send account information and isk to “sirogojno”.

The transaction is completed.Check your wallet.Account information in mail.

Isk received. Starting transfer.

Thanks.It’s a pleasure doing business with you

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