WTS 15m B/S /Cruiser /Frig and Indy Pilot

Good Starter Platform, and a decent blank canvas to build on

  1. Usual Bazaar Rules apply
  2. In NPC Station Tash Murkon in VNI
  3. Remap available
  4. all JC available
  5. No Killrights
  6. No Negative Standing
  7. 15,296,737 SP
  8. Positive Wallet
  9. Does have an expensive head in Highsec.
  10. Will cover Trans fee


Bids or B/O @10b

5.8 bill offer?

thanks for offer, noted

thankyou, if i had more to give i would offer more, i was saving up for a toon and i saw this.

7B cash ready!

noted thanks but im trying to buy the 55m character thats for sale and im 10b short

Could go 9

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almost tempted …


pending Teran Dor @10b thanks

11 bill b/o o7


11.1b You don’t need to wait

12.5b offer

13 bil b/o

13.5b offer

14bil b/o

14.5 last

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