WTS 16.5 mill SP perfect scanner/data/relic hacker with Gunnery at 5 for pacifier

What is the ETA on this?

It has been almost four days since I transferred the ISK.

@ISD_Traindriver Could please you confirm that there is progress on the ticket #2223192?

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Sadly we do not have direct Access to this kind of Informations.

In the Past a Transfer via Support could take 7-8 Days, feel free to create a own Ticket for clarification.

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still no response from support
just checked
Please create a own Ticket may be it will speed up the process

In my case it takes usually 2 work days or so

Hello there Airton Krueger, GM Ophis here.

Thank you for contacting the EVE Online Player Experience Team.

I apologize for the delay. I transferred the character Airton Krueger to [Snip - ISD Fractal] .

Please wait until the downtime to finalize the transfer and feel free to update the ticket if you need further assistance.

С уважением,
GM Ophis
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online

Bro please check your account after DT !

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Thank you!


Handled. :slight_smile:


if its not sold yet im interested