WTS 2003 Char 2.7 mill SP SOLD

Born on 5-7-2003. Been in just a few Corps. Stopped in 2004.

Char is in high sec -Baviasi-

Pos ISK balance

no kill rights

no J Clones

If you provide a skillboard link i can make an offer.

please explain how and id be happy too

login with the toon your selling to either

and set it as public so we can see it, and copy the link here

did it work?

Looks like it did. I can offer you an accurate offer tomorrow.

okay thanks for the help

Thread reopned.

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alright! thanks. @Dehee are you still around?

Yes. Iā€™m waiting on something to sell, but i can start my offers at 3b going up from there.

5b offer

7b Offer, i would hold on to this toon if your not in a hurry. With the right person you can get much more then this isk.



7.5b BO today if you want :wink: