SOLD please close

Located in Jita 4-4
No jump clones
Wallet: 1mil ISK
NPC corp
Has a mid-grade Asklep pod.

I injected and have been using this tune for C5 crabbing. It works well, not perfect and needs another few mil SP to reach peak performance, but doesn’t struggle at all.

@Alberto_Starr I will be on my PC in about 16h, if no one else wants it by then we can finalise and its yours for 12b.

12b bid

offer 13b

@Void1245 Thank you for the offer. Don’t get the wrong impression but Alberto “called dibs” so if he can match your offer he’s getting the char. Noting against you.

@Alberto_Starr if you offer 13 its yours since we talked before.
In any case, Ill be online to finalise this in about 1h.

Offer accepted, send isk and transfer info.

Sorry was a night for me. I’ll match 13b.

OK, I havent receved evemail or isk yet so you can have it. Send the isk and transfer info.

ISK and evemail sent

Transfer initiated.

Confirmed received as described o/

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