Complete-Remove :)

High Grade Amulet Pod @ Training Pod
Can fly nearly perfect Paladin, Golem, Vargur.
Nid, Nag, Can fly obelisk freighter as well.
No Bounty/Killrights.
Positive wallet
Currently in Jita 4-4
B/O Updated to 70B



60b offer

Are they located in Jita?

Offer noted- still looking for more. Char is in Jita 4-4. Updated post to include it as well.

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Thank you for the offer. Still looking for more. buyout will be set to 70B. If buyout isnt reached by Mar 16th 1700 Eve time the highest offer @ that time will be accepted.

65b offer

66b offer

Offer noted- Will be accepted at 1700 eve time if no higher bids come in!

70b buyout offer.

Have isk ready but will send around 0300 eve time or sooner, just when I get back home.

Offer accepted. Will be around just ping here around then and i should see it.

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Isk sent with account name in details.

Isk received - please check in game EveMail! :slight_smile:

Account name sent in reply.

Character has not arrived yet. Please confirm if character was sent.

Sorry handled this right before i logged off for the night and forgot to update post. Character transfer was locked for some reason i have an open ticket waiting to get a response from CCP.

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By chance, are you russian?

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If so they have to do transfer via support ticket.

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i am sorry i saw in questions it said it was very easy. i am waiting on a response still in my ticket I’ve made a second one hoping for a reply faster

Making a 2nd ticket doesnt speed things up, it slows things down