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@ISD_Villard Does ISD have any way to help with transfers and getting support tickets attention?

Support tickets involving more sensitive things such as these can take several days to get processed, so having to wait for a few days and maybe over a week is normal, you will have to be patient for a bit and it will most likely get fixed by then. If the ticket takes much longer then that to get resolved we can at most forward the ticket ID.

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Ok thanks. Will give it some time. @Alexandr_Saratovskiy just keep us updated. Thanks!

Thank you for the update @ISD_Villard and apologies again @valindil89 will update as soon as i have heard back.

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Any update?

@Alexandr_Saratovskiy Any update?

If not I may have to ask for refund and go with a different character.

I have not gotten any update so far. let me know i can send isk back. Sorry!

Let’s give it till Monday. If nothing by then let’s refund and I’ll look for a different character.

Still havent heard anything on my end. Sending isk back your way. Will make a new ad once this is resolved.

Isk returned

Received the isk. Sorry didn’t work out. Good luck next time!

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