WTS 2003 Alt Char No Corp History

For collectors and enthusiasts.
Low skills, no corp history

In Jita, and waiting for you
Positive wallet
No activity since 2003
Starting Bid - 5 bill
Buy out - My choice

This auction is valid for a week only

All CCP rules apply.

Ill pay for the transfer.

Start it up

@Cmdr_Trekk your skillq link has permission issues, please re-test it with Incognito Mode or similar to ensure anyone can view it. If this is not resolved within 24 hours, the thread will be locked.

7bil buyout

I use Brave Browser, will search on how to solve this on this browser. Thank you

Is it right now? Thanks

Thanks for getting this started, please confirm you see all info on qsna now.

Looks good @Cmdr_Trekk

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yeah all good m8. How does my buyout sound?

How much PLEX would this be ?

8 billion


10 Billion


1 1 B I L L I O N

11.1 billion

12 b I l l i o n

Reasonable offer for my rare existence , if another better offer doesn’t come along in the next 12 hours, I’m all yours, thank you.

13 B I L L I O N

We have a winner? 1 more hour and im all yours!

13.1 bill