WTS 16.7mill sp pvp/pve char+tribal lp


-Located in jita
-Transfer ready 10.06.2022
-Positive wallet and sec status
-no kill rights
-1 remap
-+5 implant set

-Tribal liberation force LP: 8.3 Mill

I waiting offers


Would you be willing to sell it earlier than June 10th?

6b offer


8b offer

11 b offer ?

11bill only character good offer.
8 mill tribal lp I do not care?/+4bill/

the charm has 16.7 million experience (for 11 bil), you want to add another 8 million experience for + 4 bil. will it be 24.7 million experience (unallocated experience 8 million SP)?

the character has 8 million lp/tribal lojality pont/
seller is also with the character.

I do not need this LP :frowning: what will we do?

only the character is for sale:)
i accepted your offer/11 bill/
i can send the character on thursday

Will I transfer money on Wednesday? Or do you need today?

it would be better today.
in the meantime I could take out the lp.
and send mail acc name


I will transfer money in 4 hours

ok.thank you

11 bil isk and mail info for transfer send, I’m waiting for your translation of the character, when you start write pls.

I confirm.
I will send the character on the scheduled day

okey bro.

i start transfer

Character Name: Zborg

Will be completed after: 5/31/2022 4:37:14 PM

thank you.fly safe