WTS 171 m sp, 2008 character. PVP PVE

WTS 171 m sp, 2008 character, PVP PVE

I am a member of the NPC corporation
location high sec
no kill rights
3 jump clones
standart implants
empty wallet

Starting bid: 140 bil

You can not sell the Omega Status. You will sell the Character only. Please remove the Informations about the Omega Status.



120bil offer

126B offer

128 B offer



130B offe

131 B offer

135B offer

136 B last

140B offer。Also, I don’t see skills

I updated the information about skills, I accept your offer 140 b, send me isk and write in the game where to make the transfer

141B offer

Great,ISK sent and account details sent via evemail

ISK received, working on transfer

Two days have passed, and how long will it take me to receive the role. Can you provide screenshots or evidence of the character transfer?@Queenofsun

don’t worry, I wrote a letter to ccp, within a couple of days the issue will be resolved