WTS 171m SP - Your new main? *Ending 16:00 ET today*

WTS me: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Milluardo_Peacecraft (PW 1234)

Basically i would call me a very good skilled subcapital pilot with some decent capital skills that you can still improve if you want.
I was only in combat with this char but he has already some industry etc. skills from before.

Some key points:

  • 171.006.049 Skill Points

  • 1.024.000 unallocated SP

  • All Subsystems V

  • Capital Ships V

  • Very addicted to drugs :slight_smile:

  • 2nd Clone in HS with this Imps: https://i.imgur.com/QbzTsUi.png

  • Has also 6 Research Agents Level 4 (some passive income) and other L4 (e.g. security)

  • Was training fleet support last, so charisma mapped now -> Remap is available if you want

  • Good killboard stats

  • Pretty unique name

Of course all CCP rules apply.
No kill rights, sits in Jita, positive wallet and security status.

Please be aware i will not look for ingame mails, so please stick to this thread if possible.
And give me some time to reply as i don’t look here every hour.

Start bidding: 110b
Reserve: hidden
Buyout: well there is no special BO, but if there is an offer that i like maybe…
End date: Edited: End of auction will be 10th October, 16:00 Eve Time.

110 b

115 bil buyout offer… isk ready!!!

116 b

117 bil

140 bil

150 bil

151 bil

These are already some nice bids and i get the feeling we are getting closer.

So i decided to set an ending date:
Auction will end 10th October at 16:00 Eve Time.

I reserve the right to cancel this if there would be some retracts so the price would drop noticeable.

Right now Gattanera is highest bid with 151b ISK.

Daily bump.
Maybe we can get still a little more.

Don’t forget, auction will end tomorrow, 1600 eve time.

Last 2 hours of auction are running.

I will be here to inititiate transfer today directly after the auction (as long as the money is there).

Gattanera has the highest bid for 151b, offer accepted and auction ended.

Please send Isk to me and EveMail me the account you want this char transfered to.
Thank you.

Money received and transfer started.
Fly safe and thanks for the deal o/

Dear ******,

You have chosen to transfer the character Milluardo Peacecraft to the account named S*********.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are
transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until
the transfer automatically completes.

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