WTS 17m Pilot - Can fly exhumer/orca + Good drone skills

17.2m Sp with + 250k unallocated points

Positive Wallet
1.5 Security Standing
No kill rights
In NPC Corp
1 Remap Available
+3 Implants

12b offer


16b offer

I accept your offer, lets start the trade, shall we :slight_smile:

edit: nothing so far

bump :slight_smile:

16b Buy Out

14b offer

Ill offer 15B. I assume your covering the transfer fee?

I’ll accept your offer and yes I will be paying the transfer fee dont worry. Send the ISK and details thanks and I will commence the transfer ASAP

Sellers always pay transfer fee

still looking for offer, another no response :slight_smile:
will accept 15b

skilllink don’t work


Dont work

Should be working now