WTS 185M SP Capital Ship (Wyvern/Revenant/Aeon/Nyx) Freighters-Dreadnoughts-Black Ops

pos sec status
pos walelt
all rules etc
in npc corp
4 jump clone
a lot of expensive skins

Starting Bid 175B
Buy-out: 190Bil


bor 155b

daily update

in 3 days I received only one bid from my auction, + it is much lower than the market price, what is happening on the forum?

who do you think sets the market price exactly?

Are you saying that 150 billion is a decent price for my pilot?
I’d rather keep it than sell it for that price

For that you’d need to check similar posts. People might be hesitant making such purchases right before the expansion. Wish you find good buyer o7

160b ))

Yet a 184 mil sp pilot got a 170 bil bid right off the bat

That 184M has more valuable clones, book value, especially you have 12m resouce processing.
Market don’t lie

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daily update

170bil ready could start any time.

Hey there is a minimum starting price for which I am willing to sell a char

If I were pay 175bil, would you be willing to trade now

yes I would agree

Let’s start trading now
Please send me a confirmation instruction


send isk and info pls

ISK and account details have been sent. Sorry for the wait.