WTS 189 MIL SP Supercarriers-Dread-Jump Freighters-Rorqual-Black Ops

  • No kill rights
  • Character in NPC corporation
  • Positive wallet
  • Security Status:
  • 2.67
  • Character in Jita
  • Jump clones 9

Starting Bid 150B
Buy-out: 180Bil

Vorrtarsh is ur toons ? I want to buy it together, 260b ,if u possible , pls contact me and I will pay you within two days, becos i need selling my plex

Okay, then let’s get started,150B

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yes my toons! I find it more profitable to sell them separately for a higher price

150b …

Why are you repeating the previous person’s bid?

hahahhaha 151b:)

160B Offer

I think I’d sell it for 170 b

Is your bid still valid? I’ve thought about it and I’m ready to take 160 bil.

yeah , its valid.

then I’ll take your offer.

isk and acc details send

Character Transfer Done

Confirm. Character received. The transaction is completed. ty.

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