WTS 19mil focused Rorqual pilot


Looking to find a new master


  • almost 19mil SP
  • focused Rorqual
  • T2 industrial core / T2 support modules
  • excellent mining skills
  • no wasted skills
  • clean corp history
  • positive wallet

Starting bid: 19bil
B/O: not yet set

I will let this auction run for a week or until a proper buyout is offered

I will pay for the transfer.

Fly safe o/

22b b/o

22.5b b/o

23b b/o

23.5b b/o

Daily bump

Still up for sale


up we go


Looking for a little more than 23.5bil

24b b/o

24.1b b/o

24.5b b/o

25b b/o

26b b/o

I will let this run for 24 more hours

After that I will accept the highest bidder

26.5b b/o

27b b/o

27.5b b/o


As promissed, I will sell to the highest bidder

@Sabriel_Ataru If agreed, please send isk and in-game mail with account information and I will transfer the character (will wait 2 hours for your response)

I will accept the first BO higher than 27bil

I want to close this deal today

Sorry, only just woke up (live in australia).

Isk and account info sent.