WTS 2 Gal LVL 5 pullers (+7 standings) one with cyno 5 5m+sp 6b each

Feel like making 800m-1.2b an hour without spending your first 10 hours grinding standings? This is the easy path. Also able to run locators.

Social skills to 5 , Cyber 5
5m+ sp and some learning implants

Negotiation and Security connections 4, everything else 5 in social but does have cyno 5

Positive (maybe neutral) sec status, in lowsec at the moment near L5 agents, positive wallet and in newb corp

6b each 11b for the pair OBO.

confirming i am for sale

bump price reduced. turns out i was a bit high

Buying FullMetalCap for 6b

Is Typhoon Slaver still for sale?

i will buy both for 10b

Still interested in buying FullMetalCap for 6b

Sorry I neglected this thread for so long

Sale pending upon transfer of funds for me (FullMetalCap) to Erin Evenmoore.

please send isk and account details

No response from buyer. Up for sale again.

ill take both

What does pullers mean?

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/FullMetalCap 5B Ready !

Do you still have the cyno alt ?

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