WTS 2004 8.3M SP Hulk Pilot

I am selling this Hulk/Exhumers pilot with T2 strips, max yield fitting prerequisites, and 8.3M total skill points. Thilos comes with 260 total injected skills including multiple capital ships and specialized variants of almost all subcaps.

Price does not include this cost savings - they’re simply a bonus for the buyer.

  • Created in September, 2004
  • NPC corp member
  • Positive wallet
  • Located in Jita
  • -0.32 sec status
  • Multiple full implant clones


Password: hulk


4 bil

Thank you for the offer, but pure injector value is too low. There’s too much focus/support in the 5M non-extraction zone. If you want to bump it up a bit, we can talk.

4.2B :cowboy_hat_face:

Still a bit low for a 8.3M SP Hulk pilot, Europa.

I’ve changed the buyout to 5B. If you can do that, the toon is yours.

4.5B bid , confirmed by Thilos in-game.
Will send isk when asked.

account name + isk sent sent in-game :ok_hand:
ty for the awesome early 2000s alt (:

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Outstanding. ISK and account information received. Transfer initiated. Enjoy!

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