WTS 2007 Character Super Pilot


(Black Tiberium) #1

I am for sale


Can fly Hel , Nyx, Wyvern
3 Race Carriers
2 Race Dreads

Good all round character

Start 45b
Buyout Hidden

(Zoe Plz) #2

Please could you link the character’s https://eveskillboard.com

(Black Tiberium) #3

Added o7

(Sherley Gao) #4


(Black Tiberium) #5

47.5b In game offer

(TheCurator) #6

Can you relink the character sheet it expired.

(Gattanera) #7

48 bil

(xalongskam) #8

retracted since character is already sold

(Incontinentia MyButtox) #9

From what i can see this toon has been sold already in a different thread guessing he forgot to close this

(system) #10

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