Wts 2007 skill farm ready character

WTS 5.6M sp 355k sp unallocated , late 2007 character - This toon


Decent skin collection: 126 total - proof
decent big priced skins: Chimera Raata Sunset SKIN
Dominix Quafe Green Apple SKIN - no longer acquirable
Providence Raata Sunset SKIN
Golem Kaalakiota SKIN
Avatar Deathglow Hunters SKIN

Asking price: 35B

Why 35B?

1 Rare skin no longer acquirable or for sale
1 70B skin
large ish collection of skins
character name
Toon Age

Wallet balance : isk positive
location: jita
kill rights : clean
Jump clones: jita 4-4




Skillboard link appears broken?

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