WTS 21M SP - Solid Core Skills - Never in Player Corp

Quantum Anomaly Link

Toon is a two year old high sec mission runner, with almost maxed Gila skills


  • Federal Navy Academy - Never in corp.
  • 8.69 Caldari Navy standings. & 6.21 Republic Security Services (Gallente side) Standings.
  • Gallente and Caldari Cruiser to V, Gallente Destoryer V w/Command
  • Solid Support Skills, Many to V
  • Almost maxed Light and Medium Drone skills, Drone Interfacing V
  • T2 Light Missile & T2 S Hybrid Weapons
  • Decent Mining; Expedition Frigate w/Cloak and Barges
  • Decent Trade & Social

Make an offer or 21B Buyout.

NPC Corp, high sec location
No Kill Rights,
Positive Wallet.

15 bill

16B offer

17 bill

18B offer

Sure “RISA”, send 18B ISK to this character and account to transfer in and I will transfer her ASAP.
I live on the East Coast of USA, so will check back during awake hours… :o)

ISK received, just waiting on account information… :o)

Character Transfer Completed, RISA.
I believe it will take 10 hours or so before it’s in your account.
Any issues, just email my alt “Solute”


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