WTS 220 Bhaalgorn BPC's JITA 4-4

75m each x 220 bpc’s = total isk 16.5b

Willing split into 10 packs at 80m per print for 800m per 10 pack.

Daily Bump

Would you do 75m each for 100? = 7.5B? If so Please Contract to this character

Deal. Contracted to Steveness

Be home from work in about 2.5
hours if that’s ok, I’ll accept then

Sounds good

Sup bro,

Can you contract me 1 pack of 10 :slight_smile:

@John_Pope_Arji Its done m8

Can I get 2 packs of 10 (20 total).

hi i would like 20x BPC’s plz

All contracts requested are up

63 BPC’s still left. Minimum order 10 at 80m each (800m). Will give volume discount if you buy all 63 at 75m each (4.725b)

Ill take all remaining plz

Sold, contracting now

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