WTS 225M PVP focus and capital pilot

535461 Unallocated SP

  1. Positive wallet
  2. No Kill Rights
  3. 1 Jump Clones
  4. Located in Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
  5. NPC Corp
  6. Remap Available

Starting price 200b
B/O 225B.

180b bid

Hi! Can’t open character data =( Mb you can use another service for skills? SkillQ.net works horable =(

skill link valid. bump!

skill website update.

It’s much better! Thx!

bump. still for sell.

bump, 150B offer if nobody interest

everydayworld, i wont sell it under 210B.

185b offer

190b offer.

200B offer

210B valid 24 hours.

wave boy, 210B bid accepted. please send isk and account info.

isk sent.
account detail sent.
please transfer as soon as possible

character transferd.

character get.

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