WTS 22mil SP Black Ops(Redeemer) toon


Positive wallet balance
Positive sec status
No jump clones installed
Currently located in Jita 4-4
NPC Corp

8b b/o

how about 13b

not gonna pay that much, he’d be a dedicated bridger and nothing else. not got the skills to risk/drop an actual BLOPS.

12B offer

i offer 13B

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Nice offer
want to trade

Sorry, I found the same type of account in other places. I’m very sorry to take up your time. I hope you can have a good buyer. I’ll take back my offer.

12b still good


IG message and isk sent - from Gunthar, I’m logged into this account with a different toon at the moment.

yeap plz wait a minute

send me your account
i will transfer

Account was in the message from gunthar :slight_smile:

eveaddict37 Right?

yeap i transfered
Fly safe o7

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Character received tyvm :slightly_smiling_face:

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