WTS 23.5M Perfect JF / Trader / T2 Transport - All Production Injected & Great Implants

SALE includes 531,415 unallocated SP


The title and skills speak for themselves. If you want a perfect JF pilot, perfect trader, and a well skilled transport pilot, look no further. This pilot features PERFECT capital navigation skills (JDO/JDC 5). The following are the most notable ships that this character can fly, most of them perfectly:

  • Ark
  • Providence
  • DST/Cloaky Hauler (Amarr)

The following are valuable items that will legally be included in the sale:

  • 531,415 unallocated SP (~1b)
  • Full set of Mid-Grade Ascendancy Implants (1.1b), plus a maneuvering implant, EM-705 (150m).

The total of additional, legal items included in this sale is ~2.2b.

The ISK generating ability of this character is unreal. There is a reason it is so valuable. This is not your typical 120m per hour character up for sale here, and it’s not going to go for anything close to “extractor price.” Keep orders in Jita and seed smaller markets, this character will pay itself off in no time. This highly desirable and lucrative character can be yours in 10 hours with the right offer.

Lowballs will be ignored, consider who you’re bidding on and what the market has taught me before deciding to waste your time with silly offers :slight_smile:.

Starting bid will be 20b, B/O is 31b.

Confirming sale!




15 bil


Bump, gonna need more than .65b per 1m SP lol. The buyout is set too high for a reason :slight_smile:

Offer 16b to move you up :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: This is a very specialized character, someone will come through who knows its worth!


Bump! I’m spending about 1b per mil SP every month that goes by. Help me out here!

I wonder why the charcter has no Jump Fuel Conservation?

Good catch :flushed: I didn’t even realize it!

If someone gets me to 24 this weekend I will be content. After considering implants and unallocated SP, we’re at 21.8bn for a 23.5m SP character. That’s not a bad deal considering the focus :slight_smile:

The highest bid so far is 19b, not 21.8b.

Was referring to my requested buyout, sorry for not being clear!

21.5b my last offer

22 bil

23 b …

I will allow this to be the winning offer if I do not receive another in the next couple of hours!