WTS 24.8msp Legion / Paladin

HungLikeAHorse’s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Wallet Balance : Positive
Jump Clones None
Positive Sec Status
NPC Corp in Jita
This can fly frigate V and Cruiser V and also BS V … Legion and Paladin are awesome . Hams / T2 lasers
ALso has Invul Core for Rorqual injected 250m book.

i offer 17B , @HungLikeAHorse ~

18b I can offer

up to 19B @HungLikeAHorse

20b alright

Up to 20.5 B , this is highest prices for me , ONLY TODAY ~ @HungLikeAHorse

22b offer

@HungLikeAHorse still for sale?

still for sale?can offer 23B

Still for sell ? I can offer 23bil

24b offer

If I am still on sale, I am willing to pay 24.5B quotation and keep it for 1 week

Is this still for sale? NVM this character looks to have been extracted

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