WTS 24m Hel Focused Pilot... SOLD!

Selling Myself


  • Heavy Fighers 5
  • Jump Drive Calibration 5
  • Minmatar Carrier 4
  • Jump Clone Available
  • 2 Remaps Available

All CCP rules apply, located in Jita 4-4, positive wallet, and no killrights

Starting bid 15 BIL, b/o 27 BIL

10bil ready

13 bil

15 bil

15.5 bil

16b offer

16.5 bil

17 bil

17.5 bil

20 bill never mind offer retracted get better shield / core skills and try again…

17.6 BIL

18 bil

@ Gregorius Davaham, 18 bil we have a deal

Money contracted, account name mail’d

Contract accepted and character transferred, thanks for your business

“Another player is transferring the character Saint Stanislaus to your account”

Confirmed, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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