Wts 24m sp gallente and minmatar bs pilot

Wallet is just a little above zero
No assets but there is implant set installed

No kill rights
Chaven location
1 JC

20b is what I am looking for

14 B offer


16B offer

add 4 bil and its yours

18b final in 24hrs

ok, @Pluto0o let it be 18b, provide isk and xsfer name

which alt i need to pay isk to?

type here and mail me the isk Receiver name ,then i will mail u my alt name

isk should go to me: Kuro-ko no tenshi

isk sent and alt name mail to u

isk sent and alt name mail to u

ok, I will check it in few hours and start transfer

ok pls be quick

ok pls be quick

transfer just get started, sorry for making you waiting