WTS 25.4m SP Fleet booster Cal/Gal/Min/Amarr

Character has left player corp.

Caldari/Gallente/Amarr/Minmatar Battlecruiser 5
Command Ships 5
Cybernetics 5
Light/Medium Drone Operation 5

Fleet Support:
Wing Command 5
Fleet Command 4
Armored/Shield/Information/Skirmish Command 5
Armored/Shield/Information/Skirmish Command Specialist 5

Wallet balance: 500 ISK
Kill rights: None
Jump clones: None
Character location: Jita 4-4


Bump . . .

Bump, still for sale

Can you plug him into Quantum Anomaly, please?

I need to know if he can fly a Minokawa.


Bump, still for sale

20b offer

Accepted, please send ISK and account name to transfer to to this toon.

ISK and information sent

Transfer initiated.

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