WTS 25m Hauler/Explorer

Located in Jita

Positive wallet

No kill rights

Character IS in npc corp, but it is lagging showing it.

15B minimum
20B B/O

15b offer

16b ISK

16.5b offer

17B Offer

17.5B B/O

18B offer

I’ll be home from work in about 8 hours and will take the top bid at that time.

You have the highest bid. Send isk and info and I’ll start the transfer

If he is not responding you can take my offer

Ok, second best offer it is. Send isk and info and I’ll transfer

Editing to clearly state I am accepting Astrodan’s offer

Ok. I will get home in 1 hour then send you the isk.

ISK and account info sent.

I will be home in a couple of hours and get the transfer started.

Transfer initiated