WTS 25m SP JF Toon / Transport / Ceptor / Trader

(Tobias Kalkoken) #1


WTS Rhea Pilot, Transport Pilot, Interceptor, Trader!


Located in Jita! NO Killsrights!

:sunglasses:TRANPORT SHIPS ALL AT 5555

–> It’s a really good trader ! TYCOON 5

start bid 15b

b/o 20b

(Big Pops) #2

b/o 16b, isk ready

(spottington) #3

I’ll bid 18b

(Gattanera) #4

18.5 bil

(Twitchy Mayaki) #5

20b buyout

(Tobias Kalkoken) #6

B/O Accepted. Send ISK and Account data to me!

(Tobias Kalkoken) #7

Nothing heard from buyer for now

(Django Osas) #8

20.5 Bil b/O

(Sliddhy Silf) #9

21b offer

(Tobias Kalkoken) #10

Sliddhy_Silf your offer is accepted. Send me ISK and Account Info.

(Sliddhy Silf) #11

Sorry mate I have to withdraw

(Tobias Kalkoken) #12

Django Osas you are the winner then. You still want it?

(Django Osas) #13

no, i dont want it anymore sorry

(Tobias Kalkoken) #14

Toon still available! Post your offers here!

(Buddy Freep3) #15

18b b/o

(Gattanera) #16

18.5 bil

(Buddy Freep3) #17

19 bil

(Tobias Kalkoken) #18

Auction will eng 09.10.2017 18.00 eve time

(Quing Fei) #19

20.5b buyout

(Buddy Freep3) #20

21 bill b/o my last offer