WTS 25m SP Mining/Industry character

(Kian EX) #1

Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps 3
Security Status 2.00
some Gunnery skills
Positive wallet, docked in high sec, Autaris (0.5) 4 jumps from Jita
no kill rigths


Pass 1234

waiting for offers (buyout 22 bil)

(Mdm Curie) #2

15 bill offer

(Ding Dong Zero) #3

offer 18B

(Kian EX) #4

daily bump

(Kian EX) #5


(Ion Kirst) #6

I will buy Seraph EX for your 22B buy out.



(Kian EX) #7

Ion Kirst bid accepted

(Ion Kirst) #8

Ok, great.

Who do I send the money too?

I will send you the money and the account name for transfer.



(Ion Kirst) #9

Hi Seraph EX, are you all set now. I need to know if you can do this or I will have to move on.



(Ion Kirst) #10

Ok, I paid the 22B, and I have received notice from CCP that Seraph EX is being transferred.



(Kian EX) #11

thank you too …

(system) closed #12

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