WTS 25m SP T2 Miner

great all round miner


Wallet positive
In NPC corp
In Jita
No clones
No Kill Rights

Spaceship Command lvl 5
Exhumers lvl 5
Gallente Industrial lvl 5

awesome drone skills (can even rat)
Drone navigation sharpshooting etc all lvl 5
Caldari drones 5
Gallente drones 5

Cybernetics lvl 5
Infomorph lvl 4

PI skills
can do 6 command centers fully upgraded

this character is one of two identical characters. the other characters name is 2-ZA and he will have his own sale thread here I will look at offers on one or both

17 bil

17b accepted

trsf isk and account details

thank you

ISK and account info has been sent. Thanks!