WTS 26M ARK and rorq pilot

Worth to mention:

  1. Perfect ARK pilot
  2. rorq pilot
  3. Capital Ship Construction III
  4. 998,585 Unallocated SP


  1. Positive wallet
  2. No Kill Rights
  3. No Jump Clones
  4. Located in Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
  5. NPC Corp
  6. Remap Available + 1 bonus

Starting price 23b
B/O 26b.

i am not hurry to sale. so lets start bid.


20b bid

if you give 23b,its yours.


price lower to 23 B B/O.

15b offer

Drew Phoenix, please keep your money, i will never sell it to you. good bye.

price should be 23 B B/O.


price should be 23 B B/O.

still for sell

20b offer

thanks for the bid.
price should be 23 B B/O.

still for sell

will do the 23b buyout isk will be avail tomorrow

your offer accepted
please send isk and account info when you ready.
i will start transfer after you paied.

isk and account info sent please start soon

character start transfer.

recieved the char

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