WTS 26M SP Minmatar,Loki pilot

(Zee Sebiestor) #1

I am for sell. Loki pilot, Fleet Suport, Production, some trade skills. Good all around Character.
Buy out is 20bil.
EVEBoard Here.
Contact in game
Wallet balance 31,678.00
Jump clones one in Amo high sec.
Character location. Hek
Kill rights non

(Red Lola) #2

17Bil here

(Zee Sebiestor) #3

ok, I’ll take it.

(Maizie Fields) #4

18 bil if that falls through…

(Zee Sebiestor) #5

18 is better, i’ll take it

(Maizie Fields) #6

Sending now

(Zee Sebiestor) #7

starting trans now.

(system) #8

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