Wts 26mill sp char

Synology Shi’s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

positiv wallet
no kill rights
Located in jita

min bid 17bil
buy 19bil

User not found, check skillboard

11 billions

12b or bum your choise

13 bill, 24 hours

14 bill, till been edited.

up up

15bil offer

17 bils

18 bil

19 bil buyout?

I accept 18bill for this char,send me the isk and an account name

sorry i have got other one

well in that case im withdrawing my offer

i’m looking for a serious buyer not links

14 bil, 24 h


18 bill buy out?

FYI because of the work required still and missing skills this is a buyout offer only. Isk is ready, catch me in game if you are interested.