WTS 275m SP 4 titan 5 perfect capital toon


This character is one of the oldest in eve, being made 6 days after New Eden was born.

He has been trained into titans…all of them. Perfectly.
All supers/dreads perfectly.


Looking for over 350bn
Apparently some old super high SP townie went for 510bn so lets see how this goes
May just be one of the oldest, highest SP toonies in the game! Also a pure bred, never been injected although that means literally nothing.

I know this seller and, for what it is worth, vouch for him.

@AFUFO politely stop shitting up my post and take your basic level trolling elsewhere. Cheers

I have removed some off-topic posts.

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Seems Afufo is just bored or needing attention, they have bumped over 20 posts in the last 2 hours with scam accusation comments.

I also vouch for this seller.

+1 and a huge vouch for this seller

You may relist your character for sale once all Character Bazaar rules are met; in this case, the not being in an npc corp rule. Thank you.