WTS 27m SP Pilot // Drones, Gunnery


Location: 2 Jumps to Jita
positive wallet
no kill rights
Remaps available
sec status 0.3
genolution core implants CA1, CA2

start: 14bil

I can offer 17bil

offering 18 bill isk

i accepted the 17b - while chatting ingame

ok, NP

am I wrong or you could get at least 22bil profit just by extracting this character?

Yes, if you buy extractors from Real Money. otherwise no.
Injector Price - (Character Buy + extractor ) = little profit

But you can buy extractors for ISK as well. 500 mil each atm. Anyway I am talking about pure profit.

44bill (18 bill + 19.8 bill ) = 6 bill
thats the aprox actual profit if you spend only isk.

17b and account info sent

i know i could get more isk … but i dont care … didnt play eve for years and i am impatient to finance my other chars :slight_smile: just wanna have some fun … and i never owned that “much” xD

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