WTS 28.2m sp focused minmatar carrier/super toon

Used this as hyper super alt

Very low sp so certainly no perfect super toon, but did its job.

HG Ascendancy clone with WS-618 instead of omega (jita 4-4)

Hel Interstellar Convergence SKIN (5b jita sell)


Positive balance, no killrights, currently located in jita 4-4

22B offer ISK in hand

raise you to 23b

Gonna wait till 20:00ET, if nobody else replies its yours

24b offer

Its yours, pls send isk and acc info

isk sent, also attached an in game mail from “Exxxxx Axxxxx”

please post on forums once trasfer start

Thank you

Isk recieved, transfer initiated, ty :slight_smile:

character recieved, Thank you

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