WTS 29.9m SP FAX/JF Alt

Skills PW: 1234

:arrow_forward: No Killrights
:arrow_forward: 5.0 Sec Status
:arrow_forward: Positive Wallet
:arrow_forward: Located in hisec


:arrow_forward: Amarr Carrier IV
:arrow_forward: Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration V
:arrow_forward: Armor Comps IV
:arrow_forward: Remote Armor Repair Systems V
:arrow_forward: JDC V
:arrow_forward: Minmatar Freighter V
:arrow_forward: Jump Freighters IV

:arrow_forward: Includes Mid grade slave pod

:arrow_forward: Starting Bid: 20b

20.0 b

25bil buyout


25.1 bil

25.5 B

30b buyout offer.isks and account name sent

awaiting for transfer :smiley:

Transfer petition was started ~12 hours ago.

31 Bil Buyout

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