WTS 3.6 mill SP (Ice) Exhumer Pilot

Perfectly skilled into Ice mining (No ice drone skills) with Exhumers.

13.6 mill ISK in wallet
No kill rights
No installed jump clones
Character location: Cistuvaert V - Moon 12 - Center for advanced studies School

Buyout: 2.5 Billion

Yes I’m being sold

This is what the Char Aprisal says

Zenon Athonille

Character Specials:

97.33% Industry
2.67% Combat
Has normal sec status.
Has rank 14507 (out of 69317) in ISK per SP!
3,396,107.00 SP x 252.03 ISK = 855,906,268.01 ISK

My offer is 1 Bil ISK


can you share your character aprisal tools?

Just for record, those tools seem to lose accuracy with very high SP character and low SP characters. But an Exhumer pilot wouldn’t cost less than 1 billion ISK. To inject it, it would cost 6.12 billion ISK on the current market.

What I’m asking is more than reasonable.

1,5B offer

2 bil offer

2.5 bil
offered contact me in game

3b isk ready

Accepting the 3b offer. I’ll continue the transaction once I’m home from work.

Isk and account info sent to Zenon…
Awaiting confirmation

Transfer completed, thanks :slight_smile:

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Transfer Initiated u mean…lol…
np…thanx for the trade

Are you there?

I guess not to me?

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