WTS 30.5M SP Perfect Scanning, T3 Caldari Pilot - 2010


Can Fly Pretty much all sub BS Caldari Ships, Good Missiles, Shield,Drone and Fitting Skills, Perfect Scanning Skills’

Positive Wallet Balance
No Kill rights
Jump Clones in Jita
Stationed in Jita
2x +3 Implant clones, one with scanning implants

27.5 B/O


im offer 22b

Auction will close in 48 hours

Bump, 24hours remain

13 hours remaining, buyout changed to 27.5 B

Action has ended, congratulations Beyaz_Kirmizi, awaiting isk transfer.

1 2h to transfer isk, if isk isn’t revived,this character will be reposted.

I would like to offer 23B, and my isk is ready. Could you PLEX tranfer?

Hi I after the 12h window is up for the original winner, I will accept your offer. I will be transferring by credit card.

Hi, Ok,

awaiting isk transfer from Killer LittleJin

recived isk, awaiting account name for transfer

transfer in progress

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