WTS 307mil SP pilot (born 2005)

  • Positive wallet
  • Security Status = 5.0
  • Lots of pvp clones (all has been moved to high-sec near jita except for 3)
  • Can fly pretty much anything you wanna fly
  • 1 remap available
  • currently in NPC corp, ready for transfer

300bil minimum - don’t bother with lower offer






@nanian_namao offer accepted. send isk and account info then I will start the transfer process.

OK, I am selling PLEX and some assets, I need a little time

@nanian_namao how much more time you need?

There’s already 270b, I can transfer the money to you in a while

ok thank you!

Sorry for keeping you waiting. ISK and email have been sent. Please initiate role transfer

pilot transfer started. you should receive the pilot within 10 hours. thanks!