WTS 31.8mSP Character,focus on PVE

07/22:Charactor has been upload to the https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/ALL_SET
You can check the SP there.

Has 31.8mSP totally.
Hight Light:Character in FRT scope now(That’s the only scope I have joined).

T2 fighters can be used;
about 7mSP in Missile(none for Cruise Missile);
III Caldari and Minmatar carrier command(that means you can get more than 45m ISK every 20min by using Minmatar Carrier to PVE);
Chimera Lai Dai skin(2b);
A full prepared Nidhoggur(4.5b)
A Chimera just with three T2 capital drone scope chip but no equipment;(2.8b)

For more information(mainly about SP )……check the image blow;


please post your character here https://eveskillboard.com/


Is your character still selling? 30B

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