WTS 37m SP Nyx/Phoenix pilot +other to 5

Selling this character:

Skill Points: 36,343,738
Unallocated SP : 630,874
Sec Statuc 5.0
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Yearly Remap avaible
Character Location Jita 4-4

Torpedoes 5
Cruise Missile 5
Light Missiles 5
JDC 4 training to 5
Fighters 5
Heavy/Light Fighters 4
Light/Medium Drone 5
Medium Projectile Turret 5
Rockets 5
Caldari Industrial 5
Minmatar Cruiser 5
Gallente Carrier 4
Loki subsytem

Best Engineering skills
Best Support drones skills
Best Missile skills

Ascendency Mid-grade set (no omega) with ws-615 imp ~1.2 bil

Let’s start at 34b
B/O 45b

best offer up to 24h
plex transfer

I will consider the price from 38b+

@Hauler_McHaulski I wait another 12 hours and if there are no best prices - your character

Im going to pull my offer, its not quite what I was looking for.

i’ll do 34 instead.

I’d be interested but eveskillboard has an ESI error, did you revoke it?

@omnia_comunia update https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Orfei

what about my offer tho


To the top!

Start bid lowered

Agreed in-game , paying 33.7b for the Character.

@Captain_Purpleballs I agree to your offer, waiting for a ISK and a letter with the account name

isk sent , giving account informations now.

Transfer start.Screenshot_4

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