WTS 38m SP NYX Pilot

Total Skillpoints: 37,840,253
Unallocated Skillpoints: 281,369
Total Skillpoints: 38,121,622
ISK Positive Wallet
located in jita 4-4
no kill rights
no jump clones
clean history

Full Set Of mid-grade Nomads

Starting Bid

43b B/O

Thread reopened.

unhide your skills in the skillboard buddy

26b can send isk now

sorry m8 should be fixed

no thanx, starting bid is 38b

38b offer isk in hand

ill wait to see what other offers i get. your bid is noted thank you

daily bump

ill accept your 38bill offer send me info and isk

Details and isk sent (0733 eve time 05/06/2023)

Thanx m8 Enjoy o7

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ISD Traindriver

Is it already sold? I pay 38b to buy.